Cyber Security and Data Protection

Cyber crime and cyber attacks are words we regularly read or hear about in news reports. Yet, many businesses believe ‘it will never happen to us’.

Recent statistics from the Government Security Breaches Survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of small organisations reported a security breach in the last 12 months.

Size doesn’t matter for hackers – small businesses are often ripe pickings, with lower defences than larger organisations and a valuable source of customer data and intellectual property.

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The costs of a cyber attack can range from:

  • Loss of revenue (the Government estimates loss of a third of total revenue)
  • Loss of man-hours
  • Reputational damage
  • Loss of customer data, privacy and intellectual property
  • Potential loss of customers
  • The inability to continue to operate
  • Declining share value (if your company is listed)
  • Hefty fines if you are found guilty of data protection breach
  • Breach of contract and duty of confidence

Our key services:

Prevention and Detection of a Cyber Attack

  • Identifying systems, approaches and cultures which can be adopted to proactively resist the ongoing threat of cyber attacks
  • Identification of appropriate means to identify and acknowledge security breaches and mitigating the consequences of such breaches

The Hamlins Cyber Security Audit
Our team of experts work with Company CEO’s, senior management and technical teams to review their current cyber security strategies and then provide a detailed report of recommendations.

The Hamlins EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Check
Hamlins will review your business to determine compliance with the new Regulations, to avoid the risk of much heftier fines or even a criminal prosecution.

Live Cyber Crises and Attacks
The cost of a cyber attack can be significant for an organisation, not only in terms of the financial impact but the inevitable reputational damage it can cause. The Sony 2014 hack caused financial losses of $35 billion for the business– and Sony’s reputation still remains tarnished even today.

The Hamlins team can help during a cyber attack by:

  • Advising on the recovery of information and data
  • Identifying and prosecuting hackers
  • Managing risks and liabilities whist the business is subject to the cyber attack
  • Providing advice on formal negotiation to the ICO, regulatory authorities and commercial partners
  • Making notifications to insurers
  • Controlling litigation resulting from data breaches
  • Collating evidence to support and defend any claim or act brought

Reputational Issues

The Hamlins team can manage reputational issues during and after a cyber crisis by:

  • Stopping negative information spreading virally over the internet including social media platforms
  • Working with internal media communications and external PRs to act immediately to respond to an attack and how it is then portrayed in the media
  • Issuing warning notices to major distributors of news including newswires and press regulators to shape how a story of a cyberattack develops
  • Influencing the conversation on social media

For further information on how we can assist you with reputational issues, please see our Reputation Management service.

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