Reflections on my first three months at Hamlins – a Paralegal’s insight

I joined Hamlins as a Paralegal in the Media Disputes department in May 2021. I was quite anxious about starting a new job remotely, anticipating that it would be quite difficult to learn the ropes and meet other people. However, everyone at the firm was extremely welcoming and went the extra mile to ensure the start of the job went as smoothly as possible, and this has continued throughout my first few months.

I’ve really enjoyed being thrown in at the deep end on some really high profile work. Within the first few weeks of joining, I was drafting witness statements for some well-known clients within the Phone Hacking Litigation, and most recently I was able to attend a Case Management Conference at the High Court, where I had played a significant role in the preparation of bundles and other documents. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on some very unique Libel and Defamation matters, which has given me a much deeper insight into those practice areas.

Although remote working has been challenging, the rest of the team makes a lot of effort to stay in touch, whether that’s other Paralegals checking in for a chat via Teams, or the more senior members actively taking an interest in my future career ambitions. Fortunately in more recent weeks I’ve been able to go into the office and start to meeting people from Media Disputes as well as the other teams, all of whom share the same personable and supportive approach to working at Hamlins. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first few months, and very much look forward to what is to come!