11th September 2018

Martin Ochs quoted in the Government’s IP Crime and Enforcement Report 2018

By Martin Ochs

Media and IP Partner Martin Ochs has again been quoted in the Government’s annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report in relation to our work for Trade mark and Rightsholders Against Piracy (TRAP). TRAP is a worldwide collective of rights holders and publishers working with the biggest names in music, film, TV, art and sport.

Martin was quoted as saying:
“TRAP has this year passed a significant but concerning landmark with its one millionth take down of unofficial products which infringe the intellectual property rights of its members. Hamlins LLP continue to advise and assist TRAP in fighting those whose actions deprive artists of important creative control and gives the consumer an inferior product. With the assistance of law enforcement agencies and Surelock Investigators to prosecute offenders, the collective members of TRAP are curbing unlawful activity and, in particular, are investigating ways to use advances in technology against those who currently take advantage of technology to commit infringement online.” – Martin Ochs, Partner, Hamlins LLP.

The 2018 IP Crime and Enforcement Report contains a broad summary of the approaches to tackling IP Crime across the UK. The 2017 OECD Report on counterfeit trade in the UK found that almost 4% of all UK imports in 2013 were counterfeit, worth £9.3 billion. This translates to around 60,000 jobs being lost and almost £4 billion in lost tax revenue aside from any consumer harm issues, fraud and further targeting of individuals for other forms of crimes like fraud, identity theft and malware.

The Report expressly notes the IPO’s concern of TRAP passing a regrettable landmark – the issue of its millionth notice of infringement (see here for further details). These huge volumes of criminality in the field of digital content theft are serious threats to UK and global creative industries. TRAP continues to educate sellers on our rights, lobbies marketplaces to adopt tighter controls on business seller accounts and partners with law enforcement agencies, HMRC and Trading Standards. TRAP has been successful in prosecuting those selling counterfeit products through traditional retail outlets and online, both in the UK and abroad. TRAP’s pro-active approach has resulted in the removal of goods worth an estimated 39 million pounds and the suspension of 27,394 seller accounts.

To read the full report see:
The IP Crime and Enforcement Report 2018

Martin Ochs quoted in the Government’s IP Crime and Enforcement Report 2018

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